Jurisdiction of Provincial Ombudsman

Provincial Ombudsman may undertake investigation into any allegation of mal-administration against any agency of the Provincial Government or any of its officer or employee either on a written complaint of an aggrieved person or on a reference by the Governor or the Provincial Assembly or on a motion of the Supreme Court or the High Court or of his own motion. However, he has no jurisdiction in any matter which:-

  • a. is subjudice in any court or Judicial Tribunal.
  • b. relates to the external affairs of Pakistan.
  • c. is connected with military, navy or air force.
  • d. is a service matter.

The Ombudsman office is an independent institution and shall, in all matters, perform its function & powers fairly, honestly, diligently and independently of the executive & all executive authorities throughout the province shall act in aid of the Provincial Ombudsman.
(See sections 3(4) and 9 of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Ombudsman Act, 2010)